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Discord and Telegram Scrapping


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Discord Scraping

All content in this tutorial applies to every exchange bot can be used on.

First you need to obtain discord token of your discord account. It allows bot to get discord messages automatically from servers you are member of. To get token follow this tutorial:

After you retrieve your token enter it in “discord tokens” text area in Api Keys tab of bot you want to use. Don’t forget to save settings.


Remember that you need to be member of each server that you want to get coin from. Once you are member of a server you need to find channel where pump admins send coin name. For example on Mega Pump server it is “Pump Signal” channel (see image below).

Now you need to get id of that text channel. Process of getting id is explained in this video:

Basically once you enable developers mode you need to click with right mouse’s button on text channel name and select “copy ID”.

After you click click copy ID id is copied to clipboard. Now open bot’s settings and head to “General Settings” tab. There you need to paste that id into “discord channel ids” text area. You can scrape multiple discord channels at the same time, to do so enter their ids one per line in that text area like on image below.

Once you enter ids last step left is to check “Scrape Discord” checkbox in General Settings like on image below:

Don’t forgot to save your settings!

Telegram Scraping

How to install scraper

Telegram scraper unlike discord scraper is separate program. It communicates with bot so to use it you need to have both scraper and JAU Pump Bot opened during the pump.

First you need to download file from either discord or our website. Then you need to extract all files from that zip to one directory. You should have “TelegramScraper.exe” file and “jre” folder in that directory. Now you can open scraper as normal windows program.

Setting up scraper

Obtaining API Keys

First you need to create telegram account if you don’t have it. After you do that you need to generate telegram api keys. Here is tutorial showing how to do that:

Api keys are api_id and api_hash. You need to enter these api keys into corresponding text fields in the scraper. After you have antered api keys they will be saved on the pc and you won’t need to enter them anymore.

Logging in with phone number

Next step is to Log in on your telegram account in the scraper. To do so press Log In button. You will be prompted to enter your phone number in scraper’s console. Enter your telegram number with country code in text field below console area confirming with Enter. You will be also prompted to enter verification code that you should receive on your telegram account. Enter it just like you entered phone number previously.

Now Telegram Scraper is connected to your account and ready to recieve text messages. If you have any problems check this simple video showing how to enter api keys and phone number.

Text scraping

Specifying channels to scrape

To scrape text from specific Telegram channel you need to be member of that channel. To show list of channels you belong to press Show Ids button in the scraper. Channel names and corresponding ids will be shown in Scraper’s console. Each channel has it’s own unique id. Id of channel is always negative number. To scrape a channel you need to copy it’s id from console to Ids to scrape text area. You can scrape multiple channels at the same time, to do so enter their ids one per line.

For example In image below I want to detect coin name (scrape) in 2 channels pumping together – China Mega Pump and Crypto VIP Signal. So I have copied their ids to Ids to scrape text area.

Starting Telegram Scraper

After you have entered Ids to start scraping upcoming messages you need to check Scrape text checkbox and press Start Scraping button. Since then bot will be getting all upcoming messages to channels you specified, displaying them in console and sending to the bot.

Starting JAU Pump Bot

Next step is to Start JAU Pump Bot. Before you start it you need to check Scrape Telegram checkbox in it’s settings. You can use scraper on any exchange that is supported. Additionally when you check Scrape Telegram you will see it indicated in bot’s main screen in General tab.

Scraper alone just sends messages to JAU Pump Bot. So to buy you need to use both programs at the same time. I recommend starting scraper before JAU Pump Bot and starting JAU Pump Bot just before the pump. It won’t cause any problems.

When message containing coin name in capital letters is sent to channel you are scraping and JAU Pump Bot is started with Scrape Telegram checked in settings, bot will automatically buy the coin.

Video showing text scraping


Can I use both discord and telegram scraper at the same time? – Yes you can use both scrapers at the same time.

Can I use prepump detection and discord scraper at the same time? – Yes you can.

My scraper doesn’t get messages. – Make sure that you entered correct discord token and channel ids. Also make sure that you are member of channels you want to scrape.

Can I use multiple discord accounts? – Yes you can. To use multiple discord tokens enter each token in new line in “discord tokens” area. Bot will be using all accounts to scrape messages once you start it.

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